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Rainy Day Blues - Burger King Junkie [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hold Fast Roleplay

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Rainy Day Blues [Sep. 7th, 2004|10:08 am]
Hold Fast Roleplay
[mood |depressedi wish i could spell]
[music |walkie talkie man]

Charlie was sitting in front of the window his face pressed up agiasnt the cold glass pane. He was watching the grape size drops plop down one after the other. It had been raining like this scense before he went to bed about four nights ago. He was out side and then it happend hard and fast- rain, rain, and more rain. Ever sense that night; The allmight God opened up the Heavens and said- [i]And there will be water![/i]. And just like that it started to pour like Sirius could never remember in all his years at Hogwarts. Not even Noah and his Ark would know what to do with all this water. The grounds were now a sloppy wet muddy grassy mess. Quidditch practice and matches were cancled. Herbology was cancled cause nobody could get to the Green House- and Care of Magical Creatures met in the Great Hall and did nothing but review.

Charlie Scott sighed loudly as he noticed the lake was almost one half larger than before while there was a small lake growing outside the castle. Well at least it was going to be a fresh spring. He moaned lifted his head from the cool glass and made a face at what his face left on the glass. A little grease mark was left where his nose and forhead were. He whiped it away and set his head back feeling the coldness zap him. Sirius couldnt even remember what the sun looked like, he looked up at the sky hopfull for a break in the clouds for the sun to shine through, but there was no such thing. Just dark black clouds as far as the eye could see.

He was normally a lazy kid. One who would love to sit inside and listen to music rather than go out side and be constructional. But these last five days were hitting Charlie hard. Even he needed to go out and do something. Charlie ran his hands through his blond hair and sighed as more people crowded into Commonroom. It was getting louder with more people getting bord hanging out in the hall and so creating more havic in the Commonroom.

He bit his lip and watched the rain drops race down the glass bordly as he humed a song by Nirvana- Come as you are. Charlie had been to one of there last concerts before Kirk killed himself. But Charlie didn't think he really killed himself- he figured it was a set and would debate it all the way. But nobody around here had heard about this band so it was no use to try and talk to anybody about the bands he liked. He sighed as he coninued humming watching the rain trying to free his mind.

From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-07 10:48 am (UTC)


Her elbow was smack dab in the center of her opened Transfiguration book, and though she should be looking for material to write her essay on ( “Reasons Why Transfiguration Should Not Be Played With”) her eyes had rather found the large window of the library that was right beside her table. It was a most fascinating game to watch as the water droplets hit the glass at the top and then rolled quickly downward as if trying to win a race. Every time a little drop was swallowed by a bigger and faster one, Jennie felt a bit sad that the little one never got a chance to reach the bottom on its own.

A heavy sigh that matched the clouds outside escaped her lips. She may love water, but that was only when it was the salt water of the ocean. This rain was depressing her like none other. Being a California native made her even more susceptible to the down drag this nasty weather was having on everyone.

That was it. She couldn’t just sit here in the library all day long, and she most certainly wasn’t going to get any work done. Quickly Jennie slammed shut her book (catching a glare from the librarian for that), and stuffed her things in her bag. Then she rushed out of the dusty old room and into the cool hallway. Figuring that she check out what was going on in the common room she made a right and continued on down her path.

A few minutes later, she entered the Gryffindor common room through the portrait hole to find it utterly full, stuffed with students who were glaring at the rain outside with the same expression that she had been wearing all day. Looking around, she did not see any of her friends at the first appearance, but finally spotted a familiar face in the back by the window. Pushing her way through the crowd (and not caring that she steps on more than just one persons foot) she fought her way to him.

“Hey you.”

Letting her bag drop to the floor, she let herself sit down on a near by chair. With a grin she noted that Charlie looked just as lazy as always…maybe even more so with this weather.

“Horrible weather huh? Totally ruined my date that I had planned for the quidditch game last weekend.”
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-07 11:11 am (UTC)
"You had a date?"

His mouth dropped. Charlie pulled his face away from the cool glass window and just stared at her. He couldn't beilive she was dating. He didn't know what was between them and where it was going but she aperintly did. Charlie closed his mouth quickly and looked back out the window avoiding her gaze.

This was so boring being stuck in here like this. He glanced back at Jennie quickly not moving his head than back out at the rain. Suddenly the rain had turned into hail. Sharp painfull drops of it piercing the glass banging harder and harder. Charlie pushed his chair back from the window surprised even though he was safe.

Suddenly people were screaming. Some first year had opend a window before the hail and was letting it in. They were bouncing every where hitting people bounching off of books and walls. It was hetict. Charlie coverd his eyes with his hand as a few came shooting his and Jennies way. The first year was just huddled in the fetal postition covering his head not bothering to reach out and close the window.

"Yo! Douche Bag! Close the window!"

The kid didn't budge as more and more bounced into the room making more and more people scream and run around trying to be safe from the hard pieces of ice. Charlie stood up and coverd his face with his arm and walked over. He shoved the window down and the sound stoped. People calmed down and Charlie just staird at the kid who was still in the fetal postion with his hands and legs covering his body on his chair. His arms were covered with red dots from the hail but Charlie had no simpathy for him.


Charlie mutterd as he pulled out his wand- saying the cleaning spell- and the room was lifted of all the hard ice rock pellits. He walked back over to Jennie and sat down as if nothing had happend and stared back out the window as more and more hail was banging agaisnt the glass pains.

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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-07 11:22 am (UTC)
Jennie’s eyes grew a tiny bit. She could have hit herself for saying that, and Charlie’s shocked face showed her that she wouldn’t have been wrong in hitting herself. Yes she had planned on having a date. It had been about three weeks since the beginning of school and since then Charlie had made no suggestion of them going out or something like that. He hadn’t even ever said anything about getting together on a date, or anything of any sort. Jennie had gotten tired of sitting around waiting, so when Paul Moore from Ravenclaw had asked weather they wanted to hang out during the quidditch match since neither of their house teams were playing, she hadn’t hesitated long in saying yes.


She had begun to explain but was cut short when she had to duck down in her seat to avoid being hit square in the forehead by a chunk of ice. “Jesus Christ!” was all she could explain while squirming around in her seat dodging other pieces of hail. It was like someone had declared war on their common room. This went on for a few moments longer, and then suddenly ceased. Confused, Jennie looked up to find that Charlie had jumped up and slammed shut the window.

“God, you can say that again” she said in response to his moron comment. The little first year was now making his way through the common room with his head hung low. He obviously hoped to creep into the dorm and not come out for…a year?

Jennie turned her attention back to Charlie, who was sitting in his chair as if nothing in the world had happened. She wondered if she should just leave the topic be, but like always she simply couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

“Yeah I had a date. I was tired of waiting.”
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-07 11:29 am (UTC)
"Didn't know you were waiting. Didn't know I had a bloody time limit or anything."

Charlie kept his eyes off of her and watched as the hail came more harder and plentifull. He leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head leaning on the two back stubs of his chair. He didn't know what to say. He never really thought about asking her out- they hung out alot it seemed anyways. Charlie was confused as he leaned farther and farther back. He lifted his legs and braced them on the window for more controle.

"Sorry I guess." He mumbled dryly to her.
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-07 11:36 am (UTC)
Jennie wondered if it was the stupid weather or if this kind of conversation was simply way over due and that’s why it was already this early on taking a funny turn. But no matter what the reason, she still rolled her eyes at his comment about having a time limit. It honestly didn’t take a genius to figure out that you couldn’t just go that far with a girl and then pretend like nothing happened – as if they were just friends like they had been the previous years.

“Oh, well I’m sorry. Next time I’ll give you a time schedule.” She snapped.

Almost directly afterward she felt a bit funny that she had snapped. If there was one thing that she hated besides bad weather it was fighting. It used up too much energy that could be used in another more productive way. But still, she had been thinking a lot lately and had quite a few things she wanted to get out. Though she had imagined of doing it somewhere where not so many people could interrupt, she didn’t see the point in leaving now.

“Don’t be sorry. I guess I just misunderstood the situation. I guess I just thought there was more to it then you were willing to give. No biggie.”
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-07 11:43 am (UTC)
"No- I like you. I do. I just, I don't know. Signals felt crossed to me I guess."

Charlie was starting to feel bad. He had taken somethin away from her that she liked alot and ment alot to her. And he hadn't so botherd to ask her out after it. He leaned farther back on his chair and thought about it more about how he was acting like a jerk. For the first time Charlie looked at her keep her eyes locked with guilt.

"Sorry, it's my fault. Do you want to go out sometime? I mean if your not rapped up in this other guy..."
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-07 11:52 am (UTC)
She bite her lip, mustering him for a moment. He seemed sincere about it, and she supposed that was all she could really ask for. But Charlie really wasn’t the romancer now was he? She really would have to get that idea out of her head. He was the guy you just kind of hang out with, not the guy who surprises you with a trip to the north tower to watch the stars together or something like that.

“Didn’t know I sucked so much at sending signals…sorry.”

Jennie felt rather tired all of a sudden. She had build up the hope of a great fight were she could scream and get all the emotions out that she had been harbouring for the past few weeks, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen. She perked up a bit when he asked whether they wanted to go out sometime. Though sometime sounded a bit too undefined for her, she didn’t want to be a bitch about it now.

“I’m not wrapped up. He’s just some guy, totally dispensable. I’d love to go out sometime.”
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-07 12:08 pm (UTC)
"Totally dispensable huh? Nice wording."

He laughed at her. It was interesting the way she put it. He started to wonder who the unlucky guy was. Charlie smiled glad that he had finnaly asked her out. They seemed to be doing things backwards latley. They had sex, and then he asked her out. Wierd. Charlie pushed a little more on his chair- going the distance. He fell backwards and hit the ground with a hard loud thud with his head comming in contackt with the hard marble floor.

"God damit."

He rolled off of the chair onto the ground rubbing his neck. It hurt bad along with the throbing of his head. He sat up on his knees and looked around the room. Alot of people were stairing at him with smiles on there faces, he could hear a few giggles come from the back. Charlie rolled his eyes angrey everybody was looking at him. Hadn't they seen somebody fall before.


He stood up and sat his chair back to its regular spot. Charlie sat back in it still rubbing his head wich was still throbing. He than started the simluar pattern of leaning back on his chair on the back of the two legs with his hands on the back of his head resting it there.
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-07 12:48 pm (UTC)
Jennie did a little eyebrow wiggle at him as he stated that her wording was funny. Well, it may be harsh to say that a person was totally dispensable, but why sugar coat something when it could so easily be said harshly?

“I know it’s nice wording…just be happy you aren’t dispensable”

She watched him lean further and further back on his chair and vaguely wondered when he was finally going to tip over backwards, until that exact thing actually happened. A clatter of the chair hitting the floor was followed back a low thump, which she could only guess was his head. Jennie had to slap her hand over her mouth to not burst out laughing at him.

“Are you ok?” she got out between fits of suppressed giggles.

She quirked an eyebrow at him as she started right back where he left off with two of the chairs legs floating in mid air. Jumping up, she let herself slide down on his lap to push the legs back to the floor.

“Kid…a chair has four legs because you are suppose to sit on all four of them. Its not rocket science.”
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-07 01:01 pm (UTC)
Charlie was shoked and surprised that she sat on his lap and pushed his chair back down. He smiled and raped his arms on her having no other place to put them. Charlie caught a big wiff of her shampoo, he couldn't place it but it smelt like the beach or something like that. He wasn't really surprised that that was what she would smell like.

"No, but it's not as fun."

He put his legs back on the wall and pushed him and her leaning back onto the back two legs. This was more of a challeng than his own wieght. He pushed it a little to far back and he felt it start to fall but droped his legs of the wall and it was back on its four legs. Charlie smiled at Jennie.

"See what i mean?"

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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-07 01:13 pm (UTC)
Jennie grinned at as he slung his arms around her waist. It was funny how one minute she could be totally on the way to getting beyond boiling mad, and at the next she was so comfortable with him again to come and sit on him in order to get him to sit right on his chair.

“Honestly…behave like a little three year old you do.”

Though she couldn’t help but grin even wider – though not for long. Soon she let out a little shriek and practically threw her arms around his neck to hold on as she felt the front of the chair lift off the ground and wobble a bit in the air. She was sure for a moment that any second now they would fall over and crash to the floor. But surprisingly they didn’t, but rather found the floor safely again with nothing different but her heart pounding a bit more.

“Oh god…kill me why don’t ya. A little more of a warning next time would be good.”
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-07 01:26 pm (UTC)
"Okay, warning."

Charlie smiled and lifted the chair up this time going farther than before. Charlie liked the feeling of her arms around him holding tight. It reminded him of things. He watched as she paniked again as he went farther back. He almost lost his balance but quickly brought it back down.

"That was close..."

He smiled at her and was about to do it again. This was a fun game. Watching a big bad american surfer panik with just a really little slightly fall backwards that he had been through. He grinned and started to tip the chair back again teasingly very slow.

"I like seeing you scared."
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-07 01:33 pm (UTC)
She really didn’t have time to concentrate on where she was sitting, or the fact that her grip only tightened around him when he lifted up the chair again. She really didn’t like this feeling of having no control over whether she was going to be able to sit safely there or plunge to the ground with the possibility of cracking her head open or something. OH god, cracking her head open was probably one of her worst fears, due to a little surf accident she had a year ago. A wave had crashed over her, pressing her down under water and hitting her head on a rock here. There had been blood, and had her friend not been there to pull her out …well, lets just say things could have ended badly.


She breathed in deep when she felt the chair snap back to its original position on the floor, but was not granted a long time of comfort and security, for he was starting over again. She knew she was acting childish, that it was just a stupid chair, and that he had fallen too and it hadn’t been a big deal. But fears are usually irrational and so was this one. She buried her face in his shoulder, and answered in a muffled voice.

“Well I don’t like being scared”
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-07 01:56 pm (UTC)
A smiled sread across Charlie's face as she yelled out his name. He liked the way she said it holding out the R. And it made him want to keep on doing it. She kept on tightening her grip around his neck. But he was barly doing it when she baried her face in his shoulder.

"Okay okay."

Charlie stoped and his smiled droped as he lowerd the chair. She must have been realy freaked out from what he could tell. He ran his hand over her back comforting. This was weird. He was just messing around with her and she really got freaked out. Charlie had already fallen and was fine. Sure his head hurt a little but that would pass like a bad hang over. He watched her with his brown eyes wondering what had freaked her out so much.

"You really freaked out arn't you?"

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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-07 02:34 pm (UTC)
She felt the chair return to its safe state on the floor, and breathed deep, but didn’t move. First off she didn’t exactly trust that he was going to stop, and second…well, she simply didn’t want to move. It was nice to have him rub her back in that concerned way, and frankly with her nose buried in his shirt she got the best whiff of how good he smelled too.


For a few more moments she stayed like that, but finally pulled back and looked at him with a sheepish grin. She was little miss tough U.S.A. She never got freaked out by anything.

“I wasn’t freaking out” she said in a joking voice, though she knew that they both knew that she had been. “well maybe just a little, like this much” she held her fingers up only about half a centimetre apart. “Dunno…just a fright I had a while back. No biggie”
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-07 07:29 pm (UTC)
"Pre-chair falling incedent. Was it ugly? Did the chair not make it out alive?"

Charlie put on his fake sad look and stuck out his bottom lip. He then wiped away a fake tear with the color of his black teeshirt. He grinned at her, the Big Bad Macho American. It was cute to see she had a weekness... chairs. She was supppose to be this hard core wave rider. And here she was freaking out over balance. Charlie couldnt imagin her surfing now. Maybe that picture was fake... Charlie looked up and noticed that the hail had finnaly melted away into the original rain that was how it was before the ice stones started.

"Now carfull- don't let 'em bite you. It's dangeriouse."

Charlie smiled at her raising his eye brows like he was seriouse. He kept his hands aroun her making sure she wasn't touching the big bad chair in any way possible. He thought she was cute when she was scared- her eyes got large and he could really see the blue in them. He heard the portriat open and turned his head to see a large group of people leaving. When the portrait closed it was much quieter in there now with the half of a dozen people leaving.

"But don't worry, I will protect the big bad surfer. I AM a snowborder after all..."
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-08 12:28 pm (UTC)
She raised her eyebrows and gave him the ‚you’ve gotta be joking me’ look as he inquired about a pre-chair incident. Oh yes, the chair had been in mortal peril and had not come out alive and that was why she was scared to death of plunging off another one. Ha. Ha. Ha. Nudging him slightly with her elbow she shook her head.

“No, no, the no chair was hurt. I couldn’t live with myself if a chair got killed because of me. My incident does involve a rather screwed up surf board though…”

Oh yes, she had completely forgot that part. Her board had ripped away from her and with a strong rip tide had been pulled along the shore and had crashed against some rocks of it’s own. It had been her first board ever…and then it had been ruined. Tears had been spilled over that one as well.

A small giggle escaped her lips as he almost pulled her tighter to make sure she would not fall off, and especially when he assured her that he would protect her…after all the big snowboarding champion could protect the little surfer girl.

“Oh right…forgot that I have my little snowboarding wiz here. Well good to know that I am save here. The only trouble is what will I do once you aren’t here to protect me from dangerous things like chairs anymore?”
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[User Picture]From: badxhabits
2004-09-08 12:59 pm (UTC)
Charlie looked up at the ceeling like he was thinking about it. Yes he was the big bad ass snowbording wiz. How could she forget about that? He sighed and shook his head and then loosened his girp a little.

"Well i guess your shit out of luck."

With that Charlie pushed her off of his lap and watched as she hit the ground on her but with a thump. He smiled at her face- it was rather amusing to him. Charlie stood up smirking at her and streached lifting his hands above his head showing his stomach and bunny trail. He yawned rather loudly having people around the room glance his way. He arched his back and scratched his chest and smiled at her playfully.

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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-08 01:10 pm (UTC)
She flopped to the floor with a thud and sat there dumbstruck. Then she let out a whiny "ooouch", and dramatically rubbed the bottom side of her thigh. Sticking out her bottom lip and quivering it talently she looked up at him.

"That was not nice."

Jennie crossed her arms in front of her chest like she used to do when she was little and she hadn't gotten something she really wanted. Then she punched him rather uncerimoniously in his stomach that he was presenting her seemingly on a golden platter as he stretched, though sadly from this angle she really couldn't put any power into it.

"You know what...for that little stunt I am not going to show you any more of my surfing magazines. Say goodbye to your girls-in-bikini dreams."

A funny smirk came on her face, though she had to grin.
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-08 01:21 pm (UTC)
He made an 'oof' sound as she socked him in the stomach. He rubbed it there. He sat back down and poked her with his shoe and smirked still rubbing his stomach.

"You lucky, ushually when somebody pokes me belly button I fart."

Charlie raised an eyebrow at her as a warning. He then threw his hands up in the air in frustration from her magazine comment. Charlie considered being over dramtic and thought it would be funny to amuse her. He got on his knees next to her and threw his hands up in the air and screamed.


Charlie smiled at her and sat back up in his chair. He didn't have to look around to know everybody was stairing at them. They probobly now all though Jennie provided Charlie with american porn. He didn't care though- it was all fun and games to Charlie. Charlie winked at her and her mouth hanging open in shock.

"Oh I think I can get over it real fast. I will just have you parade around in yours for me."

Charlie smiled and stuck out his tounge. He knew she wouldnt but he could still imagin it. He had lived all summer with out those magazines and he could live with out them all school year. Charlie could also just steel them from her bag, he had sneeked them from her bag a plently of times before.
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-08 01:37 pm (UTC)
“Gosh, you’re so charming”
Was all she could say to his fart comment. He really was a bit off sometimes. But then again everyone had to have his or her personal little quirk right? She was obsessed with surfing, he was obsessed with being the way he was.
Her mouth really did drop when he screamed through the entire common room about her giving him some kind of prono magazines. Oh god…this wasn’t embarrassing at all. Covering her face with her hands she peeked through her fingers around the room to see that the few people who were still there were staring at them with funny grins on her face. Her eyes then wandered back to Charlie who looked rather pleased with himself.
“Oh god” she mumbled in her hands, then dropped them and looked up at him with a grin. She shook her head at his suggestion of her modelling her bikini for him.
“You know, if you want to see someone prancing around in my bikini I am sorry to say you are going to have to put it on yourself.”
That image popped into her face and it took every control she had not to burst out laughing like crazy at that. Oh god…that would look a little bit more than funny. And the sad part was, she could totally imagine Charlie doing something like that.
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-08 01:58 pm (UTC)
Charlie laughed. It was a funny image. Him walking around in her bikini. He would never do it. To many opertunitys for her to take a picture and black male him. It was just to risky, not to mention insane. Charlie shiverd from the thought and looked back down at her- her cheeks were still a little flushed.

"Don't worry, I have a plan."

He winked at her and grinned beginging to lean back on his chair agian out of habit with his hands behind his head. He watched as the window seemed to show less rain. Maybe it would finnaly stop. Charlie had a theory that the teachers were making it rain on purpouse for some odd reason- tourture was Charlies theory.
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-08 02:19 pm (UTC)
Jennie pulled her legs up to her chest, and slung her arms around them. Sitting on the floor was getting rather boring. In fact, just sitting around staring at the water running down the winter, slower than before, was getting rather boring as well. She mildly turned her head to him as he mentioned that he had some kind of plan, though she wasn’t sure if she wanted to know what it was. A plan related to a bikini could only mean trouble. Another smirk coming on her face, she replied.

“Yeah, I have a plan too”

With him leaning back on the chair again, the two front legs floating in the air again, she grabbed on to them and with a great boost pushed them back causing the chair to fall back ward with Charlie sailing to the floor.

“And I must say it went rather well.”

Smirking at him as he had before when he threw her to the floor, she diverted her eyes back to the window and began her long bored stare again. God, this weather…what a drag. She wondered if she should just go to bed, and not wake up again till the sun was out once more.
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-08 02:30 pm (UTC)
Charlie couldnt beilive she was doing it. He felt his wight tip back again- this time more faster and harder than before. His head nocked agaisnt it again and he closed his eyes. Oh what a bitch, he thought. It was so painfull. Almost in the same spot. Charlie thought for a second and decided not to open his eyes. He just laid thier with his eyes closed limp not moving. Charlie wanted to freak that little snatch out.
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-08 02:40 pm (UTC)
It was almost like the rain was hypnotizing her. She felt her body growing heavier, and knew that if she closed her eyes now she could probably fall straight t asleep.

“Charlie, dude…so bored…entertain me.”

Nothing. Charlie didn’t say a word. She turned to see what in the world he was up now and saw that he was just lying there. Had he perhaps fallen asleep on her first. She took a hold of his foot and shook it a bit.

“Dude…wakie, wakie. Rise and shine, its entertainment time.”

Still nothing. He didn’t move at all. It was kind of creeping her out. What was he getting at. Reluctantly she got on her knees and crawled over to him. His eyes were shut and he didn’t even flinch when she poked him.

(Reply) (Thread)
From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-08 02:47 pm (UTC)
Charlie heard her. Of course he did, he was faking it. He had done this plenty of times over the summer holiday to his dad when he didn't want to get up. It was naturall for him. He just lay there limp thinking about stuff that calmed him- mostly snowbording. He kept his breaths the same- short and slow. He wondered how long he could pull this off on her. She tipped his chair and he hurt his head, which was still throbing. He could just imagin her face thinking it was her fault that she hurt him for dumping him like she did. She was afraid of chairs. He would probobly 'wake up' when he was with Madam Promfrey, if Jennie would even take him that far. So Charlie laied there motionless.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-08 02:55 pm (UTC)

Jennie repeated in a bit of a shakier voice, and shook his arm again. Nothing. Oh god. Panic. Panic going through her head. What if she had honestly hurt him? What if he had cracked his head? shit. Shit. SHIT! Oh god, deep breaths Jennie. Stay calm…have to wake him up somehow. He can’t just lie there. What if he had a concussion? Not know what to do she tapped his cheek with the back of her hand a bit.

“Wake up!”

Still nothing. Jennie could feel tears of panic rising in her eyes despite herself. She sat back, and buried her hands in her hair, closing her eyes. What was she suppose to do now? Taking a big sniff she looked up and around the room

“hey kid, yeah you” she yelled at some little second year who was studying at a table close by “run and get Madam pomfrey will you?” when he didn’t move directly she practically screamed. “NOW!”

She hated this panicky feeling. It made her feel like she was out of control. Shit. Everything had been fine like a second ago. She leaned over Charlie.

“Dude…wake up…” she said in a low and desperate voice.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-08 03:09 pm (UTC)
Charlie started to feel a little ping of guilt. She was really freaking out now, he could tell in her voice. What to do what to do? He heard footsteps run out the room- getting Madam Pomfrey. He wondered if he should just sit up and go through saying he was alright. Just a little nock out. But lieing was awefull. And he could tell she was littlerly taking a beating for this one, a little more than he wanted her too.

Finnaly he coulndt take it anymore. He figured if he laughed than it would be over. So he just opend this eyes and looked at her. He smiled victoryusly at Jennie. He knew she would probobly kill him now, He could see it in her eyes the same way he saw the pain in her voice.


He sat up and rubbed his head wich was still hurting him. Charlie smiled at her and then looked around at the people who were watching them. He smiled at them hopeing they would look away for when Jennie busted his balls.
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-08 03:17 pm (UTC)
A huge rush of relief flooded through her when she saw his eyes open. Thank heavens he wasn’t like dead or anything. It would have been just her luck if she killed him. But gotcha? What in the world was gotcha suppose to mean?

“wait a minute…”

She stared at him sternly, brushing a damned tear away that had managed to escape before anyone could really notice it. Finally it dawned on her. A trick? Oh deary me. What in the world was she suppose to do with this kid. First she gave him a good ole punch in the arm, though not as hard as she could of. She was really afraid now that if she didn’t watch out she was actually going to hurt him.

“That. Was not. Funny! Some kid is running to go get madam pomfrey! YOU are going to explain this, not me…she’ll be pissed!” She narrowed her eyes in a menacing way, but then a thought popped in her head. “Or we could just run away and have that little kid take the blame…and then I can kill you somewhere where I can get rid of the body easier…and without witnesses”

Another smirk came on her face. She was mad, but not as much as she was relieved that he was ok. She had no idea what she would have done if he had actually been out cold. Probably hurled herself from the north tower or something.
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-08 08:17 pm (UTC)
Glad that she hadn't smashed his insides right then and there, Charlie stood up and grabbed her hand. He smiled and was about to go out the portrait when it started to swing open slowly. He turned around still pulling her and opend the window and stepped out side and pulled her up quickly into the rain. Charlie was already soaked when he closed the window from the out side.

He smiled at her and started to walk away out of view from the window before the kid and Madom Pomfrey walked in and saw there mirculs escape. He wiped some water out of his eyes from the rain and kept walking. Charlie knew thie route well enough but it was harder on a wet roof.

"We can pop out into the boys lavatory. It's not to far out here."

Charlie kept his hand along the stone wall going slower than normal for fear of falling. But Dumbledoor probobly had a charmed spell on the roof that prevented anybody from dieing if the sliped from the roof. Charlie looked back at her and smiled as he relized that she was as completely drenched as he was, so drenched that some things were showing. Charlie turned back around walking a little faster not looking back with a slight smile on his face.
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-10 03:17 am (UTC)
Entwining their fingers she stood up and followed him, then froze as she saw that the portrait hole was already opening. Shit. Madam Pomfrey was really not one to mess with. She knew all the remedies to even the most obscure injuries or diseases but she took her job too seriously – she would never laugh at a joke, Jennie was sure of that.

Thank god Charlie thought faster on his feet than she did, because he immediately back tracked and climbed out the window. Though she would have hesitated for a moment due to the almost artic wind that came in from the outside, she really couldn’t due to the fact that he still was holding on to her hand and was pulling her along. So, reluctantly but quickly, she climbed out the window and onto the roof after him, shivering in the cold rain.

Following him, she looked around and her heart practically stopped when she realized how close to the edge of the roof they were. Oh god – and she had been afraid of fallen off a friggin chair! Her grip tightened on his hand, and her other hand found his shoulder. She was just going to have to trust that he was going to get her inside safely again.

“God…you’re getting a kick out of freaking me out today aren’t you?”

Jennie caught his eye when he looked back to say where they were going, and she nodded. It really did not matter where, as long as they could get back in. She was soaked clear down to her skin. That’s when she looked down at herself and wanted to do a face-palm. White blouse. Shit. And of course this was one of the few times she didn’t have her sweater wrapped around her waist. Well…maybe he would get his bikini show after all, but not voluntarily.

They walked a few more steps, then her foot stepped on an extremely slippery part and she slid a bit. A frightened little yelp came from her and to not fall off the edge she pulled herself with a jerked movement toward him, standing right up against him from the back. For the second time that day she buried her face in his shirt, willing her heart to stop pouding as crazy as it was. God, she would be lucky to make it to tomorrow they way they were going about things.
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-12 08:00 pm (UTC)
"You know it babe."

He smiled and kept on walking slowly on the roof. Charlie felt her grab him from behind and he stopped waiting for her to gain her own ballance. He rached his hand behind him and held onto her back keeping her close as he felt her breathing hard on his back. God she must really be scared of this.

Charlie turned around and rapped his arms around her and smelled her as he hugged her close. He could still feel the warmth through her despite that they were both coverd in the cold icy rain. He smiled as he rested his chin on her head rubbing her back efectionitly trying to calm her down so they could make it the few extra steps to the boys room.

"It's okay. Even if you do fall- there is a spell on the school. If you fall off of the roof- it ketches you between the second and first floor. My friends and I have had fun with it a couple of times."

Charlie smiled as he looked away from her remembering the time they had snowborded off the roof and got caught by the invisble force field. It was sure a rush the first time not knowing if it actually worked. Charlie looked at her eyes and leaned in and kissed her genlty. He smiled as he pulled away grinning into here eyes.

"Besides, I would NEVER let you slip to a death defying fall so you squashed and brook into a million pieces."

Interlocking her warm fingers with his and walked towareds the window to the boy's room he went slow with her not wanting her to wigg out again on him. In a few short seconds they were out side the window. He let go of her hand and pushed the window open and went in first. Charlie didn't hear anybody and didnt see anybody standing in the urinalls.

He held out his hand and helped her in holding her up and then setting her onto the ground. It was much warmer in the dirty bathroom than outside. Charlie had to smile at her- he wondered if the good girl american had ever even seen the boys lavotory before. He pulled out some papper towels and started to dry himself off after handing some to her. Charlie tossed some soaked ones into the waistbasket.

He turned as he saw a boy open the door and look in. After aparently seeing Jennie and Charlie he changed his mind about using the facilitys. Charlie watched as his face flushed and he left the bathroom in a hurry probobly trying to reach another in time. Charlie laughed and turned back to Jennie raising an eyebrow at her.

"I think you scared him off kid."
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-13 02:02 am (UTC)
Jennie didn’t move an inch even as he manuvered to turn around towards her. Though she did let herself sink into his arms, closing her eyes for a few moments. God, she really needed to regain her composure. What was wrong with her? She didn’t mind 10 meter waves crashing in over her head, but was having a heartattack walking along some stupid roof which others had probably done a million times before her.

Looking at him she nodded briefly about the spell on the roof. Ok, so that really did help the situation. So even if she did something stupid nothing bad could happen. Except for the fact that the teachers might wonder what she had been doing on the roof in the first place, but that was of not matter now.

“Ok…sorry, just a bit spooked today. Dunno why.”

A smile grew on her fac even as he was still kissing her, and the rain all of a sudden didn’t eem so cold anymore. Ok, she could do this. No problem. The boys lavatroy of this floor couldn’t be much farther down anyways. Still, she had to elbow him slightly in the stomach for his next comment.

“Geez, exactly the kind of image I need walking along here. Me splattered to pieces on the floor!”

With a short laugh she followed him the last few steps to the bathroom window, and came in after him, welcoming the warm almost stuffy air inside. “Thanks” she said for helping her in and then for giving her some towels to dry off atleast a little bit. She pulled her wet hair out of her face and into a messy bun at the back of her head. She froze when the door opened, but was relieved to see it wasn’t a teacher. Giving the boy a funny look, he quickly dissapeared.

“Oh I know. I’m just so frightening.”

It was surprising how quickly her clothes dried in the warm air of the room. She really wasn’t all that cold anymore and only occasional shivers ran over her as she finished drying off her arms and legs.

Then the door of the lavtory was slowly being pushed open again.
“In here professor. I don’t know what they are doing…it looked funny to me.” That dirty little snitch! That boy had run right off to get some stupid professor. “Oh alright, I’m coming Henry.” Jennie froze once more. She would bet everything she had that that had been Professor Snapes voice. Shit. For once, she thought quickly, and pushed Charlie into one of the stalls. In there she locked the door from the inside, and pushed him down on the lid of the toilette, then sat herself down on his lap, pulling her legs up enough to make sure you couldn’t see them from walking by. Pressing a finger to her lips she signaled him not to say anything.
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From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-14 08:26 pm (UTC)
Charlie was silent as she sat on him, just as she had demanded. He was grossed out by having to sit on the dirty loue with his pants on but tried not to think about it. Charlie rapped his arms around her unknowingly and put his feet up agianst the door holding it shut. If Snape saw his feet he might have to get out of the stall, there would be no hiding Jennie than.

Holding his breath Charlie listend to what was going on out side the stall. He heard the boys room door open and the silent Snape walk around clicking his heals to the ground. Charelie closed his eyes as he aproached tehre stall. Finnaly what felt like an internity, Snape walked away and seemed to speek for the first time. He yelled at the kid- bringing him into this disgusting facility. It sounded as it Charlie and Jenn were clear.

Charlie felt like he could finnaly breath with Snape not beiliveing Jenn and him were in or ever in here. After a few minutes of yelling and name calling that even made Charlie blush- Snape and the student left. Charlie felt Jennie start to get off but held her back and gave her a look to be quiet. After another minute he heard Snape leave grumbling about a waist of time. Charlie waited another second hearing complete and utter silence.

"Okay, I think it's good. I bet he will be watching it though."

Charlie smiled at her realeased her waist and set his tierd legs down. It was the first time he actually felt the pain of them cramping from the mass wight and pressure. He winced and looked at her feeling reilife as he streached his legs out still sitting on the lou with his pants on.

"Good thinking."
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From: beachedxbuns
2004-09-16 08:47 am (UTC)
With one arm around Charlie’s shoulder and with her free hand she covered her mouth, practically holding her nose. If she didn’t do so she would have burst out laughing at this odd situation. So there they were, sitting in this questionably sanitary bathroom, on the toillette seat, with none other than Professor Snape sneaking around outside their stall looking for two people who were ‘doing something funny’. Well yes, that little idiot of a kid hadn’t been too far off when he had told the professor that they were doing something funny.

Jenn heard the door fall back closed behind the professor and was about to get up, but Charlie’s grip around her waist tightened. Sinking back down, she quirked her eyebrow him. What? She thought that Snape was gone. Then she heard it. Snape had still been in the lavatory, probably still looking around even after he had taken the pleasure in totally putting that poor kid down. Now however the door fell shut a second time and after a few seconds of waiting and listening to the silence, Charlie declared the situation to be safe.

“Watching it? How am I gonna get out of here? I think someone’s out to get me today…” she said thoughtfully. First the stupid weather, then the fear of falling, then Charlie and the chair incident, then almost slipping off the roof, and finally being shut into a stall because of stupid Snape.

She got up and let him strech his legs, grinning a bit sheepishly down at him. It must suck to be the guy and always have the girl sit on him. Then again, he would probably squash her if they did it the other way around.

“I know it was good thinking” she said still looking down at him, a funny feeling creeping up inside her stomach. Suddenly something hit her, and in a splitsecond she had pulled him up by his arm and started kissing him. Just like that, in that disgusting little stall. Pushing just a tiny bit away, her forhead against his, she grinned, knowing that she was crazy. “Was just wondering something…ever made-out with someone in a dirty bathroom with a teacher waiting outside? Cause I sure haven’t.”
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