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Rainy Day Blues [Sep. 7th, 2004|10:08 am]
Hold Fast Roleplay
[mood |depressedi wish i could spell]
[music |walkie talkie man]

Charlie was sitting in front of the window his face pressed up agiasnt the cold glass pane. He was watching the grape size drops plop down one after the other. It had been raining like this scense before he went to bed about four nights ago. He was out side and then it happend hard and fast- rain, rain, and more rain. Ever sense that night; The allmight God opened up the Heavens and said- [i]And there will be water![/i]. And just like that it started to pour like Sirius could never remember in all his years at Hogwarts. Not even Noah and his Ark would know what to do with all this water. The grounds were now a sloppy wet muddy grassy mess. Quidditch practice and matches were cancled. Herbology was cancled cause nobody could get to the Green House- and Care of Magical Creatures met in the Great Hall and did nothing but review.

Charlie Scott sighed loudly as he noticed the lake was almost one half larger than before while there was a small lake growing outside the castle. Well at least it was going to be a fresh spring. He moaned lifted his head from the cool glass and made a face at what his face left on the glass. A little grease mark was left where his nose and forhead were. He whiped it away and set his head back feeling the coldness zap him. Sirius couldnt even remember what the sun looked like, he looked up at the sky hopfull for a break in the clouds for the sun to shine through, but there was no such thing. Just dark black clouds as far as the eye could see.

He was normally a lazy kid. One who would love to sit inside and listen to music rather than go out side and be constructional. But these last five days were hitting Charlie hard. Even he needed to go out and do something. Charlie ran his hands through his blond hair and sighed as more people crowded into Commonroom. It was getting louder with more people getting bord hanging out in the hall and so creating more havic in the Commonroom.

He bit his lip and watched the rain drops race down the glass bordly as he humed a song by Nirvana- Come as you are. Charlie had been to one of there last concerts before Kirk killed himself. But Charlie didn't think he really killed himself- he figured it was a set and would debate it all the way. But nobody around here had heard about this band so it was no use to try and talk to anybody about the bands he liked. He sighed as he coninued humming watching the rain trying to free his mind.

From: xsorryxcharliex
2004-09-14 08:26 pm (UTC)
Charlie was silent as she sat on him, just as she had demanded. He was grossed out by having to sit on the dirty loue with his pants on but tried not to think about it. Charlie rapped his arms around her unknowingly and put his feet up agianst the door holding it shut. If Snape saw his feet he might have to get out of the stall, there would be no hiding Jennie than.

Holding his breath Charlie listend to what was going on out side the stall. He heard the boys room door open and the silent Snape walk around clicking his heals to the ground. Charelie closed his eyes as he aproached tehre stall. Finnaly what felt like an internity, Snape walked away and seemed to speek for the first time. He yelled at the kid- bringing him into this disgusting facility. It sounded as it Charlie and Jenn were clear.

Charlie felt like he could finnaly breath with Snape not beiliveing Jenn and him were in or ever in here. After a few minutes of yelling and name calling that even made Charlie blush- Snape and the student left. Charlie felt Jennie start to get off but held her back and gave her a look to be quiet. After another minute he heard Snape leave grumbling about a waist of time. Charlie waited another second hearing complete and utter silence.

"Okay, I think it's good. I bet he will be watching it though."

Charlie smiled at her realeased her waist and set his tierd legs down. It was the first time he actually felt the pain of them cramping from the mass wight and pressure. He winced and looked at her feeling reilife as he streached his legs out still sitting on the lou with his pants on.

"Good thinking."
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